Boots vs Sneakers: The Subtle Outfit Difference


Stretching your wardrobe can be as easy as changing your shoes. Yeah, I know it sounds simple, but, most guys don’t understand that your shoes can really make your outfit. We’ve taken one look to implement the boots vs sneakers challenge — to show how this subtle change can make a world of difference to your look. 


Figuring out how to put stylish outfits together is the bane of existence for most guys. So, when the right outfit comes along — it will become their uniform. It’s great to have a look that you love, but, you can run it into the ground without changing it up every once in a while. Starting from the ground up, your shoes hold to key to flipping your look.

Let’s start with a contrasting boot!

All black everything (you just might run this town tonight)! It’s the most flattering outfit colorway for everyone — men and women alike, which is why we’ll use it as our canvas for this post. Instead of going with the fully murdered out look, adding a contrasting camel leather boot adds warmth to an otherwise colorless rig. You’ve also secretly made yourself look taller by rolling your pant legs to rest atop of your tall boots (aren’t you quite the magician?!). 

Take this look the bar or on a casual first date, however; when you’re date asks where you motorcycle is — just say that it’s in the shop. 



Sneakers are the most comfortable go-to footwear for most guys, but, many guys get it wrong by rocking overly sporty trainers with every outfit. That same all black look you’ve rocked with boots needs a substantial sneaker with the structure of a boot but the trappings of your favorite high-end kicks.

The mid-top sneaker adds the right amount of sporty flavor to your biker style without making you look like an out of place bench warmer. The subtle change from the camel leather boot to a black sneaker gives this look an even more casual vibe without venturing into slub territory. With thick white soles, you’ve added a considerable amount of pop to your look, without it being a distracting style element. 

In the battle of boots vs sneakers, finding a contrasting boot that complements your look and a sneaker that blends with your look are key. 




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